In addition to BowMont’s power sector financial advisory practice, BowMont has also been actively involved in its own proprietary power infrastructure developments.


BowMont’s typical approach when an attractive greenfield development opportunity has been identified has been to bring in partners/investors including strategic or private equity players. BowMont would typically lead the development and take responsibility for all project debt and equity financings.

Development projects which BowMont has led to date:

Whitetail Gas-Fired Peaking Station

(186 MW - Peace River, Alberta)

BowMont conceived of the idea for the Whitetail Peaking Station in 2012. Following initial development activities, BowMont brought Enbridge Inc. in as a partner in the project. BowMont led the development activities for the project through to the point of receipt of all regulatory approvals and project FNTP. Enbridge is now the sole owner of the Whitetail Peaking Station Project.

Amisk Hydroelectric Project

(360 MW – Fairview, Alberta)

BowMont conceived of the idea for the Amisk Hydroelectric Project (AHP), a 360MW run-of-river hydroelectric project located on the Peace River near the town of Fairview, Alberta in 2012. BowMont raised an initial round of private equity investment to perform geotechnical drilling in the river and complete a detailed pre-feasibility report confirming the viability of the project. The project has raised additional private equity investment in subsequent rounds and the project remains in active development. Please follow the below link to the Amisk Hydroelectric Project website for more details about the project.

C&B Alberta Solar Development

(~140MW – Southern Alberta)

BowMont conceived of the idea for a portfolio of utility scale, ground mount solar projects in southern Alberta in 2014. BowMont brought Canadian Solar Solutions Inc (Canadian Solar) into the project as a partner in 2015. A special purpose entity named C&B Alberta Solar Development ULC (CBA Solar) was established to develop the projects and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. BowMont and Canadian Solar are jointly developing the portfolio of 7 projects which are currently in advanced stages of development and BowMont will be responsible for arranging project financing for each project prior to commencement of construction. CBA Solar is planning to bid the projects into the government of Alberta’s proposed Renewable Energy Procurement. Please follow the below link to the project websites for more details about each of the projects and CBA Solar.